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8″ oven baked sub, bag of chips, and can of pop $7.00 and 7″ one topping pizza, 1/2 chef salad, and a can of pop $7.50

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Roman’s Fish and Chips                                                                                                                    NEW !!  Romans Shrimp and Chips


Deep Fried Veggies$ 4.50
JUMBO Chicken WingsHoney BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot, Garlic, and Hot Garlic$ .90 ea.
Fish & Chips Basket$ 5.95
Shrimp and Chips Basket$ 6.50
Loaded French Fries$ 3.75
Onion Rings$ 2.75
Fried Mozzarella Sticks$ 3.50
Jalapeno PoppersCream Cheese or Cheddar$ 3.50
Chicken Fillets$ 5.00
Deep Fried Mushrooms$ 3.50
Deep Fried Spicy Pickles$ 3.50
Mac N Cheese Wedges$ 3.50
Boneless Chicken WingsRanch, Honey Mustard or BBQ$ 4.75
Breadsticks$ 4.00
Garlic Bread$ 2.00
Garlic Bread w/ Cheese$ 3.00
French Fries$ 2.75
Mini Corn Dogs $3.99