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Remember we delivery at lunch Mon thru Fri and offer delivery Thurs thru Sun evenings.

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The Best Subs in Canal Winchester!

Try our New Pubwich !

Make any sub a Pubwich ( extra charges may apply)
What is a Pubwich?
Take your favorite Romans Sub wrap it in pizza crust, bake it to perfection and cover with cheese. Already a Roman's favorite.

Pizza Sub Pubwich                        $8.00
Ham and Cheese Pubwich               $8.00
Grilled Chicken Sub Pubwich            $8.00


All subs come with Onions, Banana Peppers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Vinegar & Oil (House Italian)
with the exception of Chicken Fillet Subs and Pizza Subs.

Super$ 5.75$ 11.45
Special$ 5.25$ 10.45
Grilled Chicken Philly$ 6.50$ 12.95
Chicken Fillet w/ Chesse$ 6.50$ 12.95
Italian Sausage w/ Chesse$ 6.00$ 11.95
Pizza Sub$5.50$10.95
Pizza Sub w/ Mushrooms$5.75$11.45
Ham & Cheese$5.75$11.45
Fried Ham & Cheese$5.75$11.45
Meatball & Cheese$6.00$11.95
Super Meatball & Cheese$6.50$12.95
Steak, Mushroom & Cheese$6.25$12.45
Cheeseburger Sub$4.85$9.65
Cheeseburger & Mushroom $5.25$10.45
Cheeseburger & Green Pepper $5.00$9.95
Salami & Cheese$5.25$10.45
The "Mike"$6.15$12.45
CALZONES: 1-2 toppings 3-4 toppings $12.25 $13.25
5-6 toppings$14.35
PUBWICHES: Make any sub a pubwich (extra charges may apply)$8.00


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Roman’s Pizza Super Sub Shoppe
17 N. High Street
Canal Winchester, Ohio